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The ‘elephant in the room’ is defined as ‘an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about.’ Maybe you know of one in your family or workplace. Perhaps it’s a deaf co-worker, a fellow peer with a speech impediment, or a neighbor who’s lost a spouse or a parent. We interact with the coworkers, the peers, and the neighbors daily, yet somehow the topics affecting them are unmentionable. If things like disability, mental health, grief, and illness are all central to the human experience, why do those journeying through them find their situations result in ripples of silence instead of circles of support? A matter cannot stay taboo if it’s talked about openly and understood more fully. When what’s stigmatized is explored, the stigma falls away. These subjects are beginning to be discussed in small corners and hidden pockets, but there are still far too many whispering fear, and not enough shouting the truth. The marginalized will continue to be ignored if the light is never turned on and what’s there is exposed.

A space is lacking where those too scared to ask questions can come freely and those burdened by the stares can find sustenance. We hope this can be that space. You can expect resources, articles, and occasional blog pieces on these topics, one at a time, exposing the elephants.

What do you think?

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